Joanclair is a leader in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and incorporates climate action into her business model at MovieMind Green. She has spoken in front of 600 + lobbyists and international ambassadors at the United Nations on conservation and marine biology. She has been been a ocean nature videographer in the North Atlantic and constructed GIS maps revealing the feeding patterns of Humpback Whales for the purpose of offsetting the shipping lanes outside of Boston. Her degrees is in environmental science from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Working for various networks such as SKY, HBO and ABC, as well as various production companies such as Columbia Pictures, King Bee Productions and Bupkus Pictures, Joanclair is well-versed in screenwriting, pre-production, production and what makes up an efficient and successful office and set environment. She is devoted to living and helping others to live a greener lifestyle on a daily basis.

Working with established screenwriters and television writers, Joanclair is well-versed in feature length screenplays and half-hour and hour format TV scripts. Exposed to independents, studio scripts and network television shows, Joanclair has a strong sense of different writing styles and formats along with a diverse awareness of writing environments. Continuously aware of the pacing, structure, concept and conflict, Joanclair’s female leads exhibit strength and vulnerability, create a tone essential to connect and engage with actors. Joanclair’s current screenplay is a high concept feature length drama.

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