Business in Entertainment

November 2, 2015

How does one start when it has been months of fierce content and hosting people financially? Years, really.

The work within the entertainment industry as a screenwriter lives within a context that financially is more than unstable. Choose a network or a private production company. Independents start with a loan.

Its all pain.

Between all of the resources that industry investors deal in, it is the platforms and areas of access that truly heat the material and where I show up for content.

The difference between a place, creative house or platform for a genre. I see them all and the only time that one can capitalize on all of those formats of working is in the same room. At a table.

Conference rooms host my developments. Summits heat my technology. Travelers send my work to new places.

One gets weird with content. Showing up is where it is, but the truth is I work with the one person who is in front of me at the time and no one else. Its scary and unapproachable to some. It is all there is if you want to change the world you are creating.

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