Morning Corporate

February 10, 2016

From East to West, is there room in any of our careers to mourn our past incidents? Only when a huge success as a gift to another company is in the works.

AFM was a huge turn for MovieMind and as I continue to drop out of conferences and further into A corporate, the contenders are showing up asking for work.

What is the most stunning example of content the entertainment industry has ever seen? Characters lift off a page. The art of letting the industries different sectors work with distance is the agenda for MovieMind this week.

In the middle of our schedule is a huge win as the Spring starts to get heated with our finest characters. There is a level of trust in my work that is just starting to be granted given the depth I have committed in Los Angeles for the last six months.

Building a career demands respect for the highest in the industry and my level of court is heavy for a 31 year old. Truth is, it tends to throw the independents and elevate conferences.

MovieMind is one to be trusted. The real depth that we see in the next month is our B corporate structuring and as the CEO, I’m in the lead.

1. Visibility Protection

2. Success Physically

3. Boundaries in company agreements

Its A FIGHT 365 days a year.

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