Challenging environmental accountability generally equate to saving the earth or doomsday facts. What if I told you taking the green route can save your production money whilst getting a pat on the back from Earth-modeled organizations and standing out in your industry for your environmental stewardship? Who doesn’t stand next to a team that saves the planet?!

Simple familiarity with an array of micro-decisions can skyrocket your carbon footprint rating and cut costs in your overall budget. Creating a set and breaking down production is a temporary process that creates a monumental amount of waste when topics like consumption and disposal are not looked at in pre-production under a green microscope. With an efficient green surveying service provided by MovieMind, these decisions will be framed in an eco-friendly light and efficiently calibrated for:

a healthier carbon footprint
lower production costs

Company wide decisions like electric cars, charitable donations, e-recycling, and carbon off-sets can even lead to tax breaks if you plan ahead.

What if I told you that Hertz rents electric vehicles as well as hybrids for a daily rate similar to that of Enterprise mid-sized sedans? Did you know that businesses can be paid for recycling electronics? Or that clothing donations can be written off and there are more than three charities in Los Angeles that will pick up your second hand items for free?

Let’s Green Up your Set! Let MovieMind decide what lightbulbs are the most efficient based on your production needs and where to buy the eco-friendliest water bottles at a price that won’t throw your entire crafty budget. MovieMind signage can lead your team in the right direction and make them feel honestly good about protecting their planet in tiny moments throughout their extra long shoot days whilst ensuring MovieMind’s presence throughout your shoot.